“Vehicle fleet reduced by three vehicles.”


ReShare helps local authorities, schools, retailers, companies, associations and private individuals to separate textiles from waste, while collecting some 25 million kg of clothing a year. All activities in the field of clothing collection are operated from two locations. A vehicle fleet equipped with CLEAR Mobile ensures that the millions of kg of clothing are processed in an efficient manner.

The challenge
“Before, when collecting clothing everything was taken from the bins by hand, weighed, then the total kg in the bin was registered on paper in the office. That is an expensive process”, says Kapitein Robert Paul Fennema, director of ReShare. “We did acquire a modern vehicle fleet, but collection could still take place more efficiently. This efficiency drive obviously costs a certain amount of money,” says Fennema. “Because as the Leger des Heils we work with public money we take extra care with our expenditure. And this all the more because we must be able to account for what we do.”