Fleet tracking & Optimisation

The centrepiece of the transportation and waste tracking enterprise suite is the vehicle scheduling and tracking components which include the latest technology for route optimization, fleet track and trace, graphical planner boards and GIS map integration. Vehicles can be outfitted with onboard computers, scales and printers to facilitate fleet tracking. These capabilities provide the tools and visibility to stream line your fleet operations and reduce overall operating costs.


GMT Residential Waste

The collection of household waste is a public service governed by strict legislative rules of implementation and monitoring. Thus, when collecting door to door bins, the collection operator (public or private) is committed to achieving his service during fixed time windows, while respecting the traffic regulations, ensuring the safety of its employees, and incurring reduced costs.


GMT Residential Waste is solution aimed at designing optimal circuits of collection of household waste to meet this complex business problem. This software provides a powerful set of tools to assess the resources involved and design the routing circuits for servicing a given geographic area.

It can also be used for strategic assessments, by providing an evaluation the consequences of changed policies.


Watch here a demo on Youtube of Residential Waste


GMT Industrial Waste

This solution is dedicated to the collection of industrial waste, including waste from building sites, paper waste, industrial kitchen waste, and so on. The industrial waste management companies targeted offer waste collection and disposal services. They usually own empty containers and, upon request of their clients, they exchange the full customer containers by empty ones and dump on a suitable disposal site.


GMT Industrial Waste is a planning and routing solution addressing the complex industrial collection waste problem. This software provides a detailed process modelling and finds routes and sequence, either manually or by using the engine optimization. Specific parameters configuration, planning visualisation and geographical representation of the planning are provided through a graphical user interface. This allows the users to have a complete control of their operations.


Watch here a demo on Youtube of GMT Industrial Waste 







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