Advanced Planning for efficient planning


Can the vehicle carry out another job? Can we still serve this customer today? When do we expect to arrive at the customer’s site? All planning questions that you would like answered quickly. Which is now possible, thanks to Advanced Planning. A graphical planning tool that offers you – with much less time and effort – better insight into the deployability of your staff, vehicles and status of running jobs.


Structural and operational planning has been developed specifically for the waste industry. With two transparent planning boards: a structural planning board and an operational planning board.

The structural planning board is used to draw up the basic plan, linking the crew, vehicle and routes to each other.

The operational planning board displays all available resources and jobs along with their status on a specific date.


Conflicts visible at a glance


An employee takes a day off or is taken ill. Vehicles may require maintenance or may break down, leading to conflicts in your planning. displays these conflicts in conspicuous colours on the operational planning board. Help texts and a ‘jump-to’ functionality quickly lead you to the best solution. is exceptionally user-friendly. You and your employees can start working with it right away.