improves your process organisation has been developed specifically for the waste and environmental industry. Our years of experience and ‘best practices’ in the waste management industry come together in this flexible and user-friendly system. We can easily tailor this application to your particular needs. It provides you with continuous transparency across your business processes. From up-to-date sales, business relation and contractual information, activity planning, weighing, order fulfilment and invoicing to management of accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Basis for better decisions can process highly divergent jobs, ensures transparent logistics management, provides clear (financial) reports and indispensable management information.

Thanks to this powerful management tool, you have better insight into your organisation: what is going well and what can be improved, for example in terms of tonnage, hours, turnover, transport and jobs. Thus, thanks to you can make the right decisions in a very short time.

It pays for itself ensures consistency, knowledge retention and more efficient information flows with less paper and fewer actions, significantly reducing the chance of errors. A cost-efficient solution, it is constantly evolving in step with your developments.


Sander van Vliet
Sander van Vliet
senior account manager
tel. +31 20 600 51 51